Products and services

Water treatment membrane and its application

Based on the difference of pore size and surface charge performance of hydrophilic polymer membrane, water treatment membrane can perform the functions of mud water separation, particle size separation, brine separation and ion separation in water treatment process.

The water treatment membrane products developed and produced by Feymer Technology are membrane components/membrane modules and membrane equipment made of hydrophilic polymer membrane materials, mainly including PVDF hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane (UF) and MBR membrane, polyamide based nanofiltration membrane (NF) and reverse osmosis membrane (RO), etc..

Feymer Technology also carries out water treatment engineering and operation services with membrane water treatment technology as the core, mainly applied in municipal and industrial water treatment fields, providing customers with professional services such as scheme design, membrane system integration, membrane engineering implementation, operation of water treatment device or membrane device and technical consultation.

Products and services

  1. Membrane materials
  2. Membrane element/membrane component
  3. Membrane equipment/membrane system
  4. Membrane water treatment technology
  5. Water treatment engineering services
  6. Water treatment operation services

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